SIBA Group Luggage Wrapping Machine

The company was built on the founder's experience at Giuseppe Speranza in creating the first revolutionary baggage protection system in 1984 in Venezuela, with the European division being set up in 1997.

A global and dynamic reality in complete balance with the image, organisation and objectives at each airport, it offers end clients a service with excellent quality standards. It has maintained its leadership in the sector over the years with a superior technological and organisational position - seen in our service being present at international airports which have renewed their relationship with us in complete satisfaction year after year. SI.BA provides end clients with excellent quality standards guaranteeing the implementation of its own ethical code based on principles representing the company's prestige and our mission 'to protect passenger baggage in the best possible way'

Airport Baggage System: Security, Wrapping and Protection

Baggage WrappingSIBA general partnership is part of a group spread over the entire international market. Thanks to its own expansion policy (professional and progressive), it has become a trusted collaborator whose precise market/sector knowledge may be seen, on the one hand, in our wrapping and protection systems being present in 25 World Airports; and, on the other hand, in the constantly increasing trend in concession agreements - representative factors of our market know-how.

The airport baggage wrapping, security and protection systems - aimed at increasing quality and quantity in services provided at airports - have, in recent years, undergone constant evolution. Our company is today one of the few in the world with the latest generation airport baggage systems in terms of integral luggage protection and full satisfaction of the requirements from passengers using the service and the demands of airport infrastructures.

Luggage Wrapping Machine / Plastic Baggage Wrap

Luggage wrapping machineThe latest generation wrapping stands (SIBA point) are made in accordance with concept tests (subject to user valuation via graphic and verbal description of the structure and its location and functionality) and are identified by a layout aimed at optimising each space in relation to passenger flows. This balances the common demands for comfort and operability and maximises commercial return. SIBA's plastic baggage wrap offers a complete seal for enhanced security and luggage protection.

The SIBA Point WRAP S luggage wrapping machine has a modular/dynamic layout meaning our structure is able to adapt to the changing demands of modern airports. It never becomes intrusive as our structures (SIBA point) mainly use steel, known for its elegance and versatility, and mean we are able to best meet architectural and logistical adaptations where the airport wishes to change its own image and layout. Whatever the location, our positions maintain their own features of:

  • Visibility-Identification-Functionality
  • Great image and quality response from users

Airport Baggage and Luggage Protection

Airport Baggage Protection"JOIN SIBA" project

SIBA offers the opportunity of a partnership to everyone may be interested in starting and running a new baggage and luggage protection activity in any international airport around the word.

SIBA will provide you with know-how and his technical expertise, coming from years of successful operations in the main airports of the word.

SIBA will consider any partnership proposal, studying with you the best technical solution for the specific location of your interest, assisting you in the deploying of the SIBA point according to local laws and rules.

Our staff will contact you as soon as possible to start together your JOIN SIBA project in any airport around the world.


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