ROWI Airport Services

ROWI Airport Services Rubber Removal and Line Marking Cleaning

ROWI is a Dutch company who has specialized itself in high pressure water cleaning, with it’s main focus on rubber removal, line and paint marking removal and surface treatment to improve road / runway safety. In the last 25 years we have build up a solid reputation and a great deal of knowledge in these fields resulting in a long standing contract with Schiphol Airport and references throughout Europe.

With our own engineering and construction department we have developed and build a fleet of special vehicles which are equipped with a unique water blasting technique, prismatic water blasting.

The combination of being designers, builders and end users gives us the advantage of always being 1 step ahead of the competition.

Prismatic Water BlastingWe are able to supply the service with our own vehicles but also design and build vehicles which are especially equipped to the needs of the customer.

Our Strength

Quality: Clean surfaces without damage
Reliability: We get the job done in time, minimal downtime of runway
Flexibility: We adapt to your needs (within 24 hours availability)
Committed: Highly motivated and skilled staff

Prismatic Water Blasting

ROWI utilises prismatic water blasting technologies to provide very high power runway cleaning. By managing 6 parameters, the power of water can be adapted for the various concrete, asphalt or anti skid surfaces without the risk of damaging the surfaces.

During the cleaning process the runways are monitored on its condition and durability using this procedure. Before and after cleaning has taken place a friction test will be done with our SARSYS friction tester. The results of this test will be reported and handed out to the customer.

Our services include:

Runway Rubber Removal

Runway Rubber RemovalRunway rubber removal services can help to improve the friction of the runway surface, reducing braking distances of the aircraft therefore improving landing safety.

Only one truck is needed for the complete rubber removal of a touchdown zone of (10.000 m²) including cleaning of lines. Total cleaning time is approximately 5 hours.

  • Cleaning performance of  1500  to 2000 m²/hr on anti skid. On asphalt or concrete surfaces this is even more.
  • Working widths between 180mm and 2600mm
  • Operating pressures between 1000 and 2600 BAR
  • Integral waste and waste water suction which collects almost 100% of the total waste product
  • Clean (drinking) water tank and waste water tank on board. (the waste product is taken to our own facility where it is prepared for further processing)

Runway Rubber Removal - Concrete

Runway Rubber Removal - Asphalt

Runway Rubber Removal - Anti Skid

Runway Surface Treatment

There are various runway surface treatment options available to increase runway safety.

The surface of older runways can become smooth over years of weathering and thousands of aircraft landing on the concrete or asphalt. The smooth surface offers less friction which can increase braking distances. However the surface can be roughened to increase the level of friction.

Newly laid concrete can often develop a top layer of fine particles made up of cement and aggregate otherwise known as laitance. This layer can contribute to a reduction in the levels of friction on the runway. ROWI is able to remove this layer and reinstate the high level of friction.

High Power Runway Cleaning

High Power Runway CleaningWhen normal cleaning vehicles no longer get the job done, high power runway cleaning will have no problems. Even the toughest substances are removed deep from the macrostructure of the surface.

  • Cleaning and brightening line and paint markings
  • Cleaning deep into macrostructure of the surface to improve dewatering properties
  • Oil and fuel spillage removal/ cleaning of runways and maintenance areas
  • AGL cleaning
  • Cleaning concrete and asphalt surfaces prior to coating

Friction Measurement

Friction measurements in accordance with ICAO and FAA regulations


ROWI Airport Services

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