Airport Suppliers

Inseen Construction

Inseen Construction

United Kingdom Section: Construction and Design | Category: Roof Drainage | Hangar Doors | Design & Constructio... | Airport Design | Airfield Ground Ligh...

Inseen Construction are airport design and construction specialists. Their reputation for exceptional builds extends across the airport site to include; terminals, aprons, runways, hangars, lighting and drainage facilities.

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Franke Care System

Germany Section: Aircraft Services, Equipment and Personnel | Category: Torque Wrenches | Ground Support Equip... | Airport Floor Cleani... | Aircraft Heavy Maint... | Aircraft Maintenance...

Franke Care System provide airports with maintenance tools, apron equipment and spare parts for aircraft. The companies range of GSE includes tow tractors, ground power units, passengers stairs and much more...

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Fat Sumo

Hong Kong Section: Training and Simulation | Category: Design of Terminals ... | Design & Constructio... | Airport Development | Retail Planning | Simulation Systems

Fat Sumo provide Building Information Modeling and Computer Generated Images to aid in the planning and construction of projects ranging from a single terminal building to a complete airport site.

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Turkey Section: Services | Category: Integrated Software ... | Integrated Informati... | FIDS and Operations ... | Digital Signage | Arrival and Departur...

TAV IT produce airport information management solutions for international airports. Their systems are installed at the major Istanbul Ataturk Airport, which processes flight and commercial information for over 35,000,000 passengers annually.

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Airport Research Center

Germany Section: Construction and Design | Category: Passenger Flow | Master Planning | Consultancy Services | Airside Design | Airport Development

The Airport Research Center (ARC), based in Germany, provides airport consulting and engineering services with a focus for custom solutions.

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Excess Baggage Group

United Kingdom Section: Operations, Management and Consultancy | Category: Kiosk Services | Baggage Wrapping | Support Services | Luggage Security Sea... | Airport Facilities M...

The Excess Baggage Group provide baggage storage, international shipping and baggage wrapping solutions. The Company have baggage facilities located at London Heathrow and Gatwick Airports with their major clients being BAA, GAL and Network Rail.

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Jayco Banner


USA Section: Displays and Announcement Technology | Category: Flight Information D... | Airport Terminal Dis... | ATM Display Solution... | Airport Digital Disp... | FIDS & Terminal Faci...

Jayco provide LCD display technology for airports and commercial markets across the globe. The LCD display solutions feature a low power consumption and are designed to be sunlight readable whilst operating for 24 hours a day.

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Aircraft Service International Group (ASIG)

USA Section: Passenger Services / Check In | Category: Engineering | Aircraft Fuelling | Passenger Handling | De-Icing Services | Fuel Handling

Aircraft Service International Group (ASIG) is a market leader for the provision of services for the commercial aviation industry. ASIG has operations at more than 70 airports located all over the world.

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Protectaseal Ltd Logo

Protectaseal Ltd

United Kingdom Section: Aircraft Services, Equipment and Personnel | Category: Data Security | Duty Free Tamper Pro... | Aircraft Door Securi... | Airport Security | UV Tamper Evident Ta...

Protectaseal Ltd offer a wide range of tamper evident security labels and tapes for the aerospace industry, alerting security staff and customers to any security breeches that may have occurred.

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Airport Bird Control Ireland

Bird Control Ireland

Ireland, Republic Of Section: Emergency and Safety | Category: Bird Control | Bird Management Syst...

Bird Control Ireland provide airside bird control units, training and equipment. The customer focused company uses tailor-made solutions for each project and work in a number of different industries.

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