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Micro Nav Ltd ATC Radar and Tower Simulators

Micro Nav are a leading international specialist in simulators for training, design, and evaluation of airports.

They develop, deliver and support systems world wide for both civil and military authorities and have a successful track record dating back to 1988.

Their advanced BEST simulators cover tower, radar, airport and fighter controller operations.

Their Fast Airport Builder (FAB) tool enables users to create and modify visual 3D models of their airports quickly and economically themselves.

Voice recognition and synthesised output are offered to reduce staffing levels and costs.

Interfaces to flight simulators for pilot training are offered as well as interfaces to operational ATC systems for on-console testing and controller training.

ATC Radar Simulator

The BEST ATC Radar Simulators run on flexible, configurable networks of PC workstations with Windows / Vista® operating systems.

They cover approach and area control and offer military specialisations, including PAR. They cover all levels of training from ab initio through rating and validation to conversion, refresher and emergency continuation training. They are configured to meet different training applications from classroom, part task and skills trainers to full-scope, high-fidelity simulations of radar operations rooms.

The BEST radar simulators are also used as stimulators driving operational radar systems with radar, flight plan and other data to deliver the benefits of on-console training.

ATC Tower Simulator

The BEST tower simulators incorporate the latest image generators, visualisation software and display systems to give advanced 3D training and design capabilities. They support all tower and ground operations and offer military specialisations. They cover all types and all levels of training. A wide range of visual display options are offered - from LCD panels to 360-degree panoramas - to meet training needs, budgets and space constraints.

Airport Design Software

Our Fast Airport Builder (FAB), Airport Design Software tool allows users to create and change their 3D visual models quickly and cheaply themselves. It is attractive to designers as well as trainers. New airports can be visualised and tested with realistic traffic samples. Designers can present and evaluate the full airport system from layout through to ATC operation. Trainers can create new airports and make changes to existing airports achieving savings in time and costs.

Air Defence Simulator

The Fighter Controller and air defence simulator workstations use commercial off-the-shelf PCs with standard Windows / Vista® operating systems and networking. They have multiple monitors for the air situation, tote and information displays. Integrated radio, intercom and telephone audio communications are controlled through user-configurable touch panels.

Advanced simulations of own and hostile forces, weapons, operations and environmental conditions are included with facilities for users to evaluate and modify all aspects of the data in confidence. Sophisticated automation allows semi-autonomous forces to be created and encountered realistically.

Airside Driver Trainer

The BEST Airside Driver Trainer covers both initial and refresher training in how to follow the airport rules and radio procedures to achieve safety and efficiency. It helps to reduce runway incursions and lost operating time. The trainee has a realistic 3D view of the airfield, signs, traffic and weather conditions. He operates with real time vehicle controls and radios. The interface with ground controllers and other agencies are simulated to give comprehensive training.

Fast Time Air Traffic Simulators - BEST

The BEST Fast Time Simulators support the design, evaluation and testing of new airspaces and ground operations with comprehensive traffic samples and weather conditions. The new situations can be created and changed quickly to cover "what if" options economically. Traffic samples can be set up and run in fast time with sophisticated automation and rules. The results are captured for analysis, modification and iteration. The simulations can be used for real time assessment with controllers in the loop and for subsequent training.

Airport Design

Airport layout and visualisation, fast time assessment of traffic capacities and real-time evaluation of ground and air ATC operations are covered by the Micro Nav BEST simulation systems. Designers benefit from the speed and ease of use of the data preparation tools that allow the physical layout, the 3D views, the traffic, the weather conditions and the procedures to be created and changed quickly and economically. The proposed designs can be evaluated with controllers in the loop and used for conversion training as well. One integrated simulation system can now cover all the stages of designing, testing, evaluating and training for new airports and upgrades to existing airfields and equipment.

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