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HAB International X-Ray Screening Equipment and Metal Detectors

Hab International, formed in 1980, has been involved in security checkpoint screening equipment, computer based security training (CBT), and a variety of custom- built fire fighting vehicles. It has custom-built in excess of 300 emergency vehicles, from special riot control units, to airport RIV’s and high-tech Incident Command Control Vehicles.

The company has been installing, servicing and supporting x-ray screening equipment and metal detectors at airports, and many other national key points and major corporations in Africa.

A fully operational CBT security checkpoint training school was established at the company's headquarters, and offers both civil aviation and FAA approved courses.

X-ray Screening Equipment

The HABSCAN range of x-ray screening equipment provides the ideal solution for screening small parcels, medium sized parcels, large parcels, cargo pallets and containers with high resolution imaging.

Dual energy imaging provides automatic colour coding of materials with different atomic numbers so that screeners can easily identify objects within the parcel. The equipment is ergonomically designed with advanced x-ray technology while taking operator comfort into consideration.

HABSCAN x-ray screeners are PC based systems running on Windows XP Professional and are designed to network with other inspection systems using high speed Ethernet TCP/IP data communication.

Walk Through Metal Detectors

HABSCAN has risen to the challenge to meet the most demanding regulatory standards for security metal detection with its range of walk through metal detectors. The Model 200 is an exclusive DSP-based walk through that provides superior target detection with unmatched discrimination of harmless items like coins, jewellery, keys, and shoe shanks.

The HABSCAN 200 with its unique 33-zone pinpoint detection provides the ultimate in safety, through-put and reliability with preset programs to cover the most complete range of security applications, including the new Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Enhanced Metal Detector (EMD) system required for all US airports.

Hand Held Airport Security Metal Detector

The HABSCAN 2004 Hand Held Airport Security Metal Detector is well suited for screening people as well as hand baggage. It has proven itself as the simplest and most reliable solution for weapon and theft screening. This model has a greatly enhanced sensitivity and employs a large circular coil for faster scanning.

The HABSCAN 2004 model offers a serious alternative to the finest, most expensive imported models. In addition, it provides a lower cost option as it is locally manufactured and serviced. Rand for US$, there is nothing that compares!

X-Ray Screening and Security Training

Smart Approach, a global provider of leading high-tech security training solutions has teamed up with HAB International to provide x-ray screening training and security training solutions. Our solutions are specifically developed to assist people who are involved in protecting high risk environments such as airports, courthouses, government buildings, correctional facilities, event venues, nuclear facilities, transportation terminals, hospitals, etc.

Airport Security Checkpoint Screening Training

Some of our training solutions include:

  • Smart System CBT for x-ray screening - this product is available for training screeners on all of the major manufacturer’s x-ray equipment.
  • General Checkpoint Screener Course – CBT for non-aviation checkpoint security personnel.
  • Airport Security Checkpoint Screening Training Course – a CBT course for all airside security personnel which is compliant with ICAO guidelines.
  • Airside Security Awareness Course – general security training for non-security personnel working in airports.
  • Cargo Simulator – training to ensure the highest performance levels of cargo x-ray screeners.
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