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KLIA Informatik Flight Information Displays, Airport Operation Database and Aeronautical Billing

Flight Information Display System

Jalan KLIA , where for airport terminals, FIDSPlus (FIDS) and ViewPlus (Airport Operational Databases) solutions are our core products. Apart from our products we also provide specific IT and project management consulting services for segments in the airport which includes the consulting services for Airport Terminal Systems, Aerodrome Air Traffic Systems and Area Air Traffic systems implementation.

Originated from a privatised government entity that was formed in 1993, KLIA Informatik is the IT Solutions and Consulting arm for the KLIA Premier Holdings Group of companies - the developer of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Malaysia. Due to domestic demand, we established our airports IT division within KLIA Informatik in 2004 and our core team are the airport IT specialists. Our strength lies in our solutions as well as the understanding the business process and in managing large scale integration of various and complex airport systems. Our solutions are also marketed at very competitive rates.

Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS)

FIDS SoftwareFIDSplus® is a Commercial Off the Shelf FIDS software which can be configured and customised to suit the customers' requirements. It is basically a suite of modular applications within FIDS and with much more functionality. The modules are FDB - Flight Database, FS - Flight Scheduling, FM - Flight Management, FD - Flight Display, FR - Flight resource planning and FB - Flight Billing. We partner with Net Display Systems for the FS - Flight Scheduling module. The solution has been installed at KLIA terminal two and several large Malaysian domestic airports.

Airport Operation Database (Airport Central Databases)

Airport Operation Database and Operational Information System - Airport Central DatabaseVIEWplus®
VIEWplus® is a modular Commercial Off the Shelf with a presentation layer for the Airport Operational Database. It allows the airport operator to view the entire airport terminal map in 2D schematic and in the latest even 3D. This system is linked in real time to sensors throughout the airport and will provide the alerts and statuses to the operator.

Aeronautical Billing

Apart from the view of the terminal the VIEWplus® will also provide flight activity information) Airport Operational Database and Aeronautical Billing. AERObills® is a modular Commercial Off the Shelf module of the Airport Operational Database.

Airport Operation Database

It is a 'pre-billing' system that keeps track of all aeronautical and non-aeronautical billing in the entire airport. The original AODB solution called TAMS View Terminal is installed in KLIA. VIEWplus is the upgraded and repackaged version.

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