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JFK Airport Terminals Set For Replacement

Posted by Mark Broadbent on 04/07/2008 - 16:56:45

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New York's JFK International Airport is set to set for a huge new terminal building, according to plans released this week.

Airport operator the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has announced it plans to replace JFK's Terminals 2 and 3 with a new state-of-the-art "super-terminal", costing $20 million.

Aware that the existing terminals are becoming dated and overcrowded, the Port Authority wants to redevelop JFK in order to meet future air travel demands, which project that up to 18 million passengers will be using JFK each year by 2017.

Terminals 2 and 3 were both constructed in the 1960s, but are now showing signs of their age.

JFK Flight Delays

Additionally, JFK is suffering from ever-increasing congestion - as shown by official statistics released last year which showed JFK flight delays to be the worst of any US airport.

Port Authority officials believe a new "mega-terminal" at JFK will help ease these problems, and improve the passenger experience at the busy hub.

William DeCota, the Port Authority's aviation director, said the redevelopment would be "a huge undertaking" but was necessary if the airport was maintain its competitiveness.

Airport Security Screening

Precise design details have yet to be formalised, but the Port Authority wants the development to include more gates than presently offered by Terminals 2 and 3, as well as allowing space for new airport security screening technologies and procedures.

Officials say an enlarged terminal will also improve the airport's leisure and retail service offering.

The plans are the final phase in a $9 billion overhaul of the airport's facilities, which began in the 1990s.

Source - Airport International's US Correspondent

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